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Maya Wima Linasti, a creative force in Malang, Indonesia, transforms common materials into magnificent home design. Maya turns abandoned glass bottles into unique art at her small but bright business, Diajeng Maya Art and Craft.

Glass, Ceramics, and Fabric: Maya Wima, Variety of Art

Maya’s talent extends to pottery, plates, bowls, fabrics, and weaving. Diajeng Maya’s distinctive pieces are popular with professionals, particularly government officials. Many of these objects make memorable gifts at official handovers or transitions.

Maya boasts, “Most purchases are official handover souvenirs. Some buy them for personal usage. Recently, the Bandung Chief Justice bought five painted textiles for outfits.”

Accidental Competition to Artistic Enterprise

An unintentional souvenir competition entry started Diajeng Maya’s adventure in 2015. With two days of glass painting training and Rp200,000 (about $14), she impressed the judges and won in ceramics and overall favorite.

“The first buyer was the Mayor of Malang, back when it was still Abah Anton,” Maya recounts. Her craft company started with Rp6 million in prize money. “After that, souvenir orders poured in,” she says.

Although Maya studied engineering, her childhood love of drawing never left her. She returned to her work after deviating from it, using self-directed learning to improve.

Maya Wima Art Unleashed: Overcoming Local Challenges for Global Recognition

Lita inspired Maya Wima to paint on glass, which became her calling. Her focus on glass painting’s exquisite intricacies let her realize herself and grow independently.

However, marketing was difficult. Her products were priced high to appeal to wealthier customers because to their aesthetic value. Malang residents also preferred food and fashion over home decor.

At shows, most of my buyers are visitors. Maya says locals rarely buy.

Creative Adaptations: Art Form Exploration

Maya expanded her product line to attract more customers. She painted purses, textiles, and hijabs in addition to glass. I’ve tried many mediums. She says painting’s spirit remains.

Bank BRI helped Maya sell her wares on Indonesian Mall. This shift changed everything, flooding her with commands. Maya sold up to 100 decorated bags with one order on Tokopedia and Blibli.

Making it Personal: Social Media Marketing and Global Reach

Maya Wima uses customized social media marketing. She markets her products via Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp instead of established e-commerce platforms. This unique tactic has attracted orders from around Indonesia and even overseas clients, including the US.

“I rarely stock, but I paint daily. Maya says someone buys every fresh creation she uploads.

Future Goals and Community Collaboration

Maya Wima asks Malang artists for help amid high demand. Some of her colleagues are former students she taught painting. Maya hopes her former pupils will keep practicing and help the local art scene develop while she navigates its hurdles.

“Malang shows low interest in painting, both creating and buying. I hope my old painting students keep improving “she hopes.

Maya concludes, “Malang lacks interest. In Surabaya and Jakarta, exhibitions are highly appreciated.”


From accidental artist to craft business owner, Maya Wima story shows how creativity and finding beauty in the everyday can change lives. Her unique sculptures decorate homes and inspire young artists in her town and beyond.

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